Breast Augmentation 101



Everybody has encountered the term “breast augmentation” at least once in their lives. For those who are not familiar with the procedure yet, this is a surgical procedure done to enhance one’s breasts. There are a lot of reasons to get one. Some people do it for aesthetic purposes; they want to improve their breasts’ appearance, size and shape. While for some, this is an option to be done after undergoing a couple of medical procedures involving their health. If you are looking for a reliable company, make sure to check out Beleza breast augmentation procedures. Previous clients will attest that the company has professionals working to give and attend to their clients’ needs. This is a procedure that needs a lot of thinking because it can be a life-changing step for anyone.

Here is a couple of information to give you an idea about the procedure. Different Types of Breast Implants:

  1. Implants made of saline.

This is a famous option known to women because of the number of people who have already undergone this over the years. Saline is a sterile salt water solution that is placed inside silicone shells. The breast size will depend on this as it will be affected by the amount of saline is placed in the implant. This is a liquid filler that can be filled after placing the silicone shells. This causes a smaller scar and is safe as the body can absorb saline harmlessly.

  1. Implants made of silicone.

This material is widely used and safe. Those who want smaller breasts often prefer this type because this is more natural to touch as it is softer too. These come as pre-filled items unlike saline.

  1. Anatomical implants.

These belong to a category under silicone implants. Anatomical or also known as “teardrop” implants mimic the natural slope of women’s breasts. This is an option for those who want breasts that look natural and tapered. If you are thinking about getting this procedure done, make sure to get it from a company that has licensed and certified professionals. On the other hand, apart from getting the results and outcome you want, you also have to ensure your safety before, during and after the procedure. Go for one that has a good track record in the industry. Doing some research may help. Those with excellent feedback, comments and recommendations are the ones to inquire from first.

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