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Are you thinking about getting implants for breast enlargement? Don’t get too excited because haste truly makes waste. There are many factors to consider aside from size, which is the most common concern. Several types are out in the market today; among these are saline or silicone implants, smooth or textured, round breast implants, and anatomical breast implants. There’s also what is called implant “profile,” which could be high, moderate or low profile. Knowing all these options helps in choosing the best one suited for you.


The only way to do this right is through a one on one consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. Not just any surgeon but one who has years of experience and mastered the art and science of performing an operation in this highly specialized field like Breast Augmentation Cleveland OH | Breast Implants Cleveland OH- Dr. Fedele. Here some of the common (and not so common) questions to ask your cosmetic surgeon not only for gaining informed choices but also for your overall peace of mind.


Are silicone implants safe?


Over six years ago, the FDA finally approved the use and manufacturing of silicone gel implants after successfully proving that they are safe and effective. However, continued monitoring by the FDA is required of the manufacturers through tracking and following over forty thousand women within ten years post breast implant insertion. By doing this, any adverse effects or incidents are reported and documented for further studies.


Are saline implants better than silicone?


Apparently, it is not. They are the most frequently used breast implants in the United States but they do not have the approval of the FDA yet. The outer core or shell is made up of a sturdy shell of silicone elastomer. During surgery, it is filled with the sterile saline solution. In rare instances that these implants rupture, the patients are worry free because it is perfectly safe. The body, much like drinking a glass of water, absorbs the saline. However, the saline solution should have a concentration of 0.15M and 7.2-7.4 pH level.


How are round implants different from anatomical breast implants?


First up, anatomical breast implants are more expensive than round implants because of the more “natural look” they project which is a main consideration when implants for breast enlargement are picked. However, this is not true. A lot has to do with a woman’s anatomy, tissue mass and the cosmetic surgeon performing the surgery. Some cosmetic surgeons, after years of experience have mastered the incision techniques, and the best way to create the pockets for the implants.


Are there breast implant warranties offered?


Yes. Nevertheless, different companies vary in terms, conditions, and warranties. However, generally known risks such as rupture and deflation are made known to the patient prior surgery. This is discussed personally and thorough by the surgeon performing the operation. Possible complications and other adverse reactions are also laid out. Unfortunately these warranties are only limited and has no lifetime coverage.


Does age matter when having breast enlargement procedures?


No. Many women ranging from 50, 60 and 70 years old have benefited from having breast augmentation. Sagging breasts and loss of breast tissues are some of the clinical problems resolved post operation. Of course, being physically healthy is essential prior to any surgery; thus, consult with your doctor for a thorough consultation that is right for your health needs. You could also visit this clinic’s website for more information.

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