Causes of Abdominal Fat Accumulation and Solving the Issue Through Tummy Tuck

1Who doesn’t have problems with belly fat? Everyone young enough to wish for a flat abs is obsessed with its eradication. Fortunately, belly fat is an active type of fat that can go away with the right exercises and diet. Unfortunately, abdominal fat, particularly the visceral fat, is a major health problem for men and women. This is why many people consider getting tummy tucks, as explained further at Whether you are young and just want it to go away for a fit look or you are older and want to stay away from health problems, one important thing you must know about it are the causes of abdominal fat accumulation.


Understanding the Primary Causes of Abdominal Fat


Belly fat is useful as it provides protection and support to the bones and visceral organs of the body. Excessive visceral fat can be accumulated as you get older and your metabolism gets slower. Abdominal fat accumulation is further stimulated with hormonal changes, especially for women, and heredity.


The Role of Insulin in the Deposition of Fat


Insulin is the hormone produced by certain special cells in the pancreas. Its role is to lower the blood sugar after you eat. The insulin picks up the sugar or glucose molecules and takes them to the cells where they are metabolized or used to release energy or stored if there is no immediate need for it. If many sugars are deposited because less energy is needed by a lazy body or you are taking so much sugar, these become fats. When deposited in the midsection or viscera it becomes abdominal fat.

Insulin plays a very important role in the sugar or glucose metabolism. A rise in the blood sugar after eating stimulate the secretion of more insulin to get all those sugar molecules stowed away. Know, however, that insulin production reacts differently depending on the food you eat. Carbohydrate and sugary foods can cause the insulin to be released faster compared to food that contains protein.


Stress Hormones Can Increase Fat Deposition


Stress is another culprit that can make your midsection bulging with belly fat. Stress can stimulate the overproduction of adrenaline that signals fat or adipose cells to release their fatty acids so they can be metabolized into energy. This happens when you have a sudden surge of adrenaline, the so-called ‘fight or flight hormone.’ This makes you fight or escape a stressful situation.


The ‘fight or flight response’ is useful when you are confronted by an emergency. If your source of stress, however, is not physical but mental, the fat released is not burned off or metabolized as energy. In this scenario, the adrenal glands respond by releasing another hormone, cortisol, to collect the fatty acids that were not metabolized and store them. This increases fat in your belly when you are always confronted by stress because cortisol loves the abdomen.


Battling the Bulge in the Midsection


Knowing the causes of abdominal fat accumulation, you can better fight of the bulge in your belly. It is important to pick the food you will eat and to increase your physical activity to keep those fat cells burning and melting. The right diet can ward off the unwanted calories and an exercise routine can keep your metabolism higher and faster. Obesity is a major cause of many metabolic disorders. Fight the bulge by leading a healthy lifestyle.

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